NAT VPS: Your Gateway to Affordable VPS Hosting

Unleash Your Creativity on a Budget with NAT VPS powering Your Projects. With NAT VPS, you don't have to compromise on your creative ambitions due to budget constraints. Our affordable vps hosting solutions empower you to bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank. We provide the perfect platform for your next passion project.

Global Locations

Los Angeles, US

New York, US






South Africa



Hong Kong, China


VPS - NAT256
$7 / year

4GB SSD disk space
1 CPU Core
/80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
500GB transfer @1Gbit per month
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VPS - NAT512
$12 / year

7GB SSD disk space
1 CPU Core
/80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
750GB transfer @1Gbit per month
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Common Use Cases

Private VPN Server

Create your own private VPN – most methods including OpenVPN & Wireguard can be used. Dual stack IPv4+IPv6 connectivity.

VoIP Server

Create your own VoIP setup using Teamspeak, Mumble etc.

Remote Terminal

A simple remote terminal with root access, testing scripts & other stuff.

Private AdBlocking Proxy

Ad-blocking VPN & private proxy server using AdGuard Home.

Personal Hobby Sites

Host a full-fledged website (with any CMS like WordPress, Ghost etc) using IPv6 + Cloudflare.

Many More Possibilities

Uptime Monitoring, Web Scrapers, Distributed database etc.

Frequently asked questions
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I don't have IPv6, can I still use this service ?

Yes you can! We include 20 usable ports + 1 SSH port for IPv4 access.

Can it run Wireguard / VPN ?

Yes, it can! We recommend using road warrior WireGuard-installer script for easy setup & working.

Can you help me install X/Y/Z ?

No, these NAT VPS are fully unmanaged & include support Limited to service functionality only.

Does it include SLA?

Due to the low cost nature of service, we cannot provide SLA. We strive to maintain 99.9% uptime at all locations.

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