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NATVPS.NET was started with the purpose of providing quality VPS hosting services at small prices. NATVPS.NET is a legal hosting provider, part of LCSNET.EU. LcS Net was founded in 2007 to provide a wide range of web services to its clients.


All our services are hosted on dedicated hardware owned by LcS Net, located in Timisoara, Romania (eastern Europe).

We only use professional equipment that provides increased redundancy and high performance for our customers. HP Proliant Servers, Cisco 100/1000 Mb, EMC Clariion SAN storage with 10,000 and 15,000 RPM disks SCSI / SAS servers connected by a 4Gbps Fibre infrastructure are just some of the components that are part of our infrastructure.

You can check our internet connection speed and connectivity from the looking glass


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  • Unmetered Bandwidth

    All our NAT VPS packages come with unmetered 100 Mbps bandwidth subject to fair usage policies, no bandwidth guarantee.

  • DDoS Protected

    We offer free hardware and software DDoS protection to all our services, up to 30 Gbps!

  • Instant Activation

    Your server will be activated instantly after the order has passed our security checks and is marked as paid.

  • Cloud Storage

    We use only EMC cloud storage hardware for all our services.

  • Remote console access

    Access to VPS console is done via SolusVM Control Panel if VPS is not reachable via SSH.

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  • What is NAT VPS?

    NAT VPS is a normal VPS (virtual private server), the only difference is the NAT part (more virtual private servers with the same public IPv4 address). The NAT VPS will have 1 IPv4 shared IP address with 20 assigned UDP / TCP ports.   What you can do with a NAT VPS? Basically anything you […]

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  • Payment options

    As payment options we accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit card (Visa / Mastercard) and Wire bank transfer. You will find all the necessary data to make the payment after you complete the order, in the generated invoice.                                  

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