NAT VPS - IPv6 Primary VPS + Shared IPv4

Global Locations

  • Los Angeles, US
  • New York, US
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Mumbai, IN
  • Singapore, SG
  • Tokyo, JP

VPS - NAT256

OVZ Virtualization

$7 / year

  • 256MB RAM
  • 5GB NVMe/SSD disk space
  • 1 Shared CPU Core
  • /80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
  • 500GB transfer @1Gbps
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VPS - NAT512

OVZ Virtualization

$12 / year

  • 512MB RAM
  • 7GB NVMe/SSD disk space
  • 1 Shared CPU Core
  • /80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
  • 750GB transfer @1Gbps
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7 x 256MB locations Bundle

OVZ Virtualization

$?? / year

  • 256MB NAT in all 7 Global locations
  • Each location gets -
  • 5GB NVMe/SSD disk space
  • 1 Shared CPU Core
  • /80 IPv6 + NAT IPv4
  • 500GB transfer @1Gbps
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Common Use Cases

It can be used similar to any other Normal VPS, some common possibilities include:-

Private VPN Server

Create your own private VPN – most methods including OpenVPN & Wireguard can be used.
Dual stack IPv4+IPv6 connectivity.

VoIP Server

Create your own VoIP setup using Teamspeak, Mumble etc.

Remote Terminal

A simple remote terminal with root access, testing scripts & other stuff.

Private AdBlocking Proxy

Ad-blocking VPN & private proxy server using AdGuard Home.

Personal Hobby Sites

Host a full-fledged website (w any CMS like WordPress, Ghost etc) using Domain Forwarding on port 80 & 443.

Many More Possibilities

Uptime Monitoring, Web Scrapers, Distributed database etc.

Frequently ask questions

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I don't have IPv6, can I still use this service ?

Yes you can! We include 20 usable ports + 1 SSH port for IPv4 access.
We also allow Domain Forwarding setup on IPv4 port 80 & 443.


Can it run Wireguard / VPN ?

Yes, it can! We recommend using road warrior WireGuard-installer script for easy setup & working.


Can you help me install X/Y/Z ?

No, these NAT VPS are fully unmanaged & include support Limited to service functionality only.


Does it include SLA?

Due to the low cost nature of service, we cannot provide SLA.
We strives to maintain 99.9% uptime at all locations.